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What is Trigger Point Body Work?

The practice of examining muscle groups that show referral pain patterns. In those muscles will be the taut bands and nodules that need palpation to be released to give full function and movement back to the muscle.



If you have chronic pain, fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms are present in your muscles, then they may have Trigger Points.

Not all Trigger Point symptoms are registered by the nervous system as pain. They can include but are not limited to:

Low back pain

Neck pain



Shoulder pain

Genital pain and dysfunction

Rectal pain

TMJ pain and fatigue

Various types of arthritis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

GERD/Acid reflux

Bladder and bowel pain (IBS)


Shin splints


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Plantar Faciitis and other footpain

Menstruation pain/Dysmenorrhea



The following list details only some of the perpetuating factors that cause Trigger Points. 

Poor posture habits

Repetitive tasks or Movements 

(playing an instrument, at work, competitive sports)

A traumatic accident or fall

Prolonged limb immobilization

Emotional stressLiving or working in a cool environment

Lack of sleep

Improper nutrition

Over-exercising or Inactivity

Excess nicotine or alcohol consumption

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals

Auto-immune diseases (Herpes, Diabetes, HIV, Crohn's, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Lower Limb Length Inequality (LLLI)

Short upper arms

Small Hemi Pelvis

Morton's Foot Structure.


  Your initial treatment will begin with an interview process in order to establish your primary and secondary complaints. We will also outline your medical history, allowing me to pinpoint the perpetuating factors pertaining to your concerns. For example, I will need to be informed of any past physical trauma, chronic pain(s), repetitive working tasks, lifestyle (stress level, sleep, diet), activity level, medical issues, allergies, and more in order to provide you with a thorough treatment and recovery program.   


 Trigger point bodywork can hurt, though if done correctly, it will be a pleasant kind of discomfort, a level of discomfort you can still relax into. Once a client is comfortable on the table we will start review the muscles regarding your chief complaints and work from there. Sometime that is all some client would like do for the first treatment. Following treatment we can work on a full head to toe body review. During treatment there will be full explanation of muscles where trigger points are found. A list of  those muscles with  be given once treatment is done.  

Post Treatment

 After first treatment you should limit you physical activity for the rest of the day, mild activity is best.  It is recommended to drink a couple of glasses of  water. Trigger Point treatments release toxins into your system and water will help remove them. After treatment clients do feel muscles are sore or tender. Some may experience nausea, headaches or dizziness. These affects are not unusual and ofter last a day or two. As sore as your muscles feel please do not ice use moist heat. You will also be given a take-home information package with self-care tips and suggested reading resources.


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Jennifer Pichler is a certified Level 1 Trigger Point Bodyworker with the William Huhn Method.

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